#9 How the Light Gets In A Chief – Louise Penny

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While I enjoy a good series, there are few books that are part of a series that leave me with a book hangover when I am finished with them. How the Light Get In left me with that hangover. I finished it this afternoon, and since that time I've not wanted to read anything. I've just wanted to live with the emotional reverberations this book created within me. I have read the entire series, and I suspect that some of this reaction is a cumulative effect: I've spent a lot time with these characters, and there are many I care deeply about. I suspect part of the reaction is that the book reads as though it may be the last in the series, and I'm actually okay with that. It ended perfectly, although not without pain and loss, grace and redemption.
What has drawn me to Penny's work all along is her profound belief that despite the darkness there is goodness and that there are people in the world who live that goodness even when it costs them much to do so. A friend once bashed Inspector Gamache because he wasn't damaged enough to be interesting. I argued that one does not have to be damaged to be interesting. One only has to be authentic to be interesting, and Gamache is authentic. He is not perfect, but he is true to himself and to his beliefs. All of these elements: darkness, goodness, grace, redemption, the struggle to be the authentic self weave through this book in ways both profound and subtle. While some might say the ending Penny wrote is predictable and treat this predictability as a bad thing, I argue that the ending is one that is authentic to the world that Penny has created in this series and to the seeds of love, kindness, belief, and loyalty that Gamache has shown throughout the series. In Penny's world, the light does get in, and, as always when I've finished one of her novels, I want to live in that world of light.

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