Bethany-Kris – The Chicago War 4 – Breathless & Bloodstained

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5 Dirty, Breathless & Sexy STARS

Don't know if I should dance, laugh or cry! Think I need a drink.

This was the final book in a fucking fantastic series! I know I say this every time I read one of Bethany's books but I fucking LOVE a formidable mafia story and Bethany brings it EVERY TIME!!!

"Dangerous men are the best ones."

This is Tommas (Tommy) Rossi and Abriella (Ella) Trentini's story. These two have been together, having a secret affair for years. But now it's even more dangerous as their caught up in a mafia war with Tommy and Ella's brother, Joel, both vying for the top spot.

While Tommy may be seeking the boss's seat, Ella is Tommy's only desire and reason for all that he does.

"Abriella controlled him. She was his flaw, bliss, and hate all rolled into one."

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Ella's trapped in an invisible and impenetrable prison bound by the ways of the mafia and her brother is holding the key. And while it's Tommy that she wants, Ella dare not dream or even consider it because should it never come to pass, where would that leave her

And this was all kinds of hot...Tommy and Ella, such a couple dirty!

Bethany's mafia stories are always so much for fun to lose myself in. They're dirty, bloody, sexy and the characters are layered, flawed and engaging. Truly a great finale to this series. I will miss the Chicago families!

**ARC generously provided by Bethany-Kris in exchange for an honest review.**

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Joel, you better gets what's coming to you!

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