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Now that the year is over at uni I am desperate to get back into reading. However, this year has been so traumatic on my brain (in a good way), that even reading seems to be too much for me right now. Which is not great when one of your main hobbies is reviewing books

So when I looked at my increasing audible credits that I have been ignoring (because even listening to books took up too much study time) I thought there was NO WAY I could listen to an epic fantasy, or a drawn-out drama. I wanted something I would enjoy and not have to think too much.

When I saw on 'Have You Been Paying Attention', that Kitty Flanagan had a new book out, I thought "PERFECT! She's funny! I like funny! I can listen to funny without my brain exploding!" So I purchased this book - not realising it is not actually her latest book at all - a point I only just realised as I was getting all the information ready for this post. But all is not lost, because now I have yet another funny book on my to-listen list!

Not so much an autobiography, as it is a "funny stories from life" book, Kitty managed to make me cackle uncontrollably on numerous occasions with stories about her younger years, ever-entertaining love-life and entry into the comedy world.

Did I enjoy the audio version
The audio version was great with her distinctive voice and sarcastic wit, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I was easily able to relate to some of her awkward stories, her curly mop of hair and stories of love and life in Sydney.

Her humour is like it always is, sarcastic and thoroughly enjoyable. There were a few spit drinks and moments at the shops where strangers were looking at me funny for seemingly spontaneously laughing in the milk section, because they couldn't see my ear phones through my mop of curly hair.

I loved it. Can't wait for the next one.

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