Brioche in the Oven – Victoria Brownlee

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This is the second book in the series and my word it's amazingly brilliant I couldn't put it down and read it in two days as so excellent. The characters are great and the setting is brilliant you believe you are there. Still plenty about cheese and very romantic but shows how relationships can be hard as well and you have to work at it. It's heartwarming and a great read. Shows how they change their lives to be a family.
Ella moved to Paris to get away suddenly in the last book she fell in love with Serge a cheese monger but she's been with him for six months now and finds out she is expecting to start with is she sure this is what she wants but Serge is so happy when he finds out but doesn't want to bring a family up in Paris do he takes Ella to a country house in France and says he's brought it for them. She doesn't want to leave Paris and the house is so run down but they agree to try it for a while to see how she likes it. It's a farm as well and Serge struggles to get the farm off the ground and also Ella gets very friendly with another English speaking person called chuck. She wants to set up a cafe with a cheese shop for serge to sell his cheese in one of the barns but can she be excepted by other villagers so will it be a success and how will her pregnant go. Chuck lends Ella the money to open up her shop but she doesn't tell serge and he thinks her parents have lent it they have an argument after the opening of the shop and serge says she's spending to much time with chuck and things get heated so she goes back to Paris but while there she realises she misses serge but when she goes in labour and has their baby will they be able to make it up and be happy living in the country or have they got past that stage.
Fantastic read worth far more than two stars.

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