Bull by the Horns Fighting to Save Main Street from Wall Street and Wall Street from Itself

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This is probably the best memoir written about the financial crisis--and believe me, I have read them all. It's not the easiest read nor is it all that accessible to those without some financial background, but it's such an honest background. And man does she hate Geithner. But really, it's about the fundamental difference between regulators--Treasury is political and FDIC has skin in the game. So of course she was cautious and Geithner wanted to save all the banks.

She also reveals the sexism in finance. I had read the other books and all of them talked about Bair and Warren and Brooksley Born as though they didn't know anything. But I think history will be much kinder to them than to Geithner or Paulson or Bernanke. It's good to be outside the boys club. And also, in this #metoo moment, it's important to consider the actual tangible effects of sexism and exclusion--maybe if more women were taken seriously, consumers would have been protected (Warren), derivatives would have been regulated (born), Banks would have had more capital (Anat Admati), and homeowners would have had more mortgage modifications and fewer banks would have been bailed out (Bair)

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