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Tracie Hill smiled and pretended that she was having fun at her boss's retirement party when in fact she was scared to death. The company was sold, her boss was on his way to Florida shortly and her job as an Assistant to the CEO was in jeopardy! J. P. Montgomery was taking over and he was considered to be a tyrant and pulled in his own people. Fussing in her office after the party she found a big hole in her pantyhose, not having a spare, she was force to go hose less. Shimmying out of them she found that she had forgotten to wear any panties in her haste to get to work! She was having a hell of a day what with fighting with Rex last night her mind had been on the fight between them instead of dressing. She had the bad luck of dating selfish men who only thought about their need for release and not hers. Tracie's fantasy had been to have hot monkey sex with a stranger, performing acts that she did not have the nerve to do, and each going their own way afterwards. Just then, as she turned to throw her hose in the trash she heard a deep sexy voice calling for an encore and as she turned around with heat staining her cheeks, she laid eyes on a drop dead man!

J. Pete Montgomery was looking for the CEO of the company he had just purchased when low and behold his eyes found a bare butt, and such a lovely one at that, seeing that the woman was embarrassed he could not help but to tease her more and he wanted her, hoping that she was not married he followed her to her desk and he could help but kiss her and joy oh joy did she kissed him back and then the lights went off.......

Desiree Holt pens a hot and steamy short read to make you sizzle! Call Me Pete is one very erotic read and Tracie finally gets her fantasy with the hot and gorgeous Pete who is uncontrollable to Trixie's delight! A delightful romp in the office and it continues in The Pleasure Place, a must read and now I am checking out the sequel!!

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