Dirty Girl (Dirty Girl Duet #1)

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"Three years ago, I walked before I could dirty up her pristine little world. But now All bets are off."

I love and adore Meghan March and then you toss in the fact that her next upcoming release is titled Dirty Girl, umm yes please!!!!! So if you aren't familiar with her books, then you have been living under a rock. Seriously, you need to fix that problem immediately and what better way than to read Dirty Girl.

Dirty Girl was decadently sinful, hot, steamy, sexy and wickedly entertaining. And oh yeah, dirty. And D-I-R-T-Y in that omg wet panties kind of read. Meghan March dirties up her readers as she delivers a sexy wicked romance that will have readers begging for the final installment to this duet.

"Well, let's just say Cav knocked that requirement out of the park. The sight of his long, thick cock in his big, capable hand sends heat rushing south through my body , pooling between my thighs."

So if you read The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy then you are all familiar with Creighton Karas and were introduced to his baby sister Greer Karas. Since Creighton is no longer on the single market, this time the spotlight is on Greer. And this dirty girl is about to get whole lot dirtier when an old flame reappears back into her life.

"Mine. The taste of Greer on my lips and her body in my hands unleashes a wave of primal possessiveness. She's not the girl who got away; she's the one I walked away from. Life doesn't always give us second chances, but this one is mine and I'm taking it. And her."

After catching her ex and his pencil dick being stuck into another chick, Greer Karas took out her anger and frustration on the web. One drunken post ad for a wanted giant cock didn't go unanswered when the man that walked away from her three years ago comes back into the picture. Cavanaugh Westman.

"My cock pulses against my jeans when I think of her on her knees, her pouty lips wrapped around my dick as I teach her how to swallow it down. Greer might think she knows how to give good head, but I'm not one of the trust fund kids she's used to."

When Cavanaugh Westman appears at Greer's doorstep with his giant cock at hand, Greer is speechless and stunned to see the once maintenance man become Hollywood's IT actor. And this time, Cav is not walking away from Greer and is ready to dirty up his girl. But first he makes sure Greer is well aware that he has the requirements to her ad.

"Filled. Taken. Owned. All of these feelings riot inside me as he fucks me with sharp drives of his hips, slowing for a few and then fucking me harder."

As you can imagine, Cav does not disappoint and delivers endless screaming orgasms. As much as Greer tries to stay away, Cav doesn't take no for an answer and Greer doesn't put much of a fight since she knows that this man is made for her. For the first time, Greer begins to let go and let Cav into her world. As she opens up to him sexually, will she find herself getting hurt once again when his time up in New York comes to an end and he has to go back to LA Or will Cav and Greer discover that this thing between them can't be extinguished But what happens when the truth as to why Cav left three years ago becomes exposed

"And while I eat this sweet cunt, I'm going to play with that tight little asshole, stretch it out so you're ready to take me . I will have every part of you, baby. Mouth, pussy, ass. Might fuck these gorgeous tits and make you swallow my cum again."

Yes. I am addicted to Meghan March. And YES, I need the next book stat. And yes, you should read Dirty Girl and meet Greer and Cav. And yes, you need to get DIRTY. That's right, Meghan March dirties up her readers in a good way. This book was sinfully erotically charged that will have readers begging for more. So if you are looking for a book that sizzles with heat, passion, sex, and lots of dirty good times then this book is for you. And of course, Meghan March will win your hearts with her wicked and sinful prose and raw characters. Just remember if you thought Creighton Karas was one hot sexy dirty billionaire then you need to meet Cav, who makes readers like myself questioning that maybe Cav might edge out Creighton in the dirty sexy department.

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From USA Today bestselling author Meghan March comes a sexy new spin-off duet from The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy. Are you ready to get dirty again?

Desperately seeking rich, famous, single guy with a giant cock to make my lying, cheating, should’ve-been-born-dickless ex-boyfriend realize what he’s just lost.

Oh, and I give great head. Just sayin’.

No man in his right mind would answer that ad.
Except thousands did.
My name is Greer Karas, and I should never be allowed near another bottle of booze again. Because when I drink, my friend and I do stupid things. Like take a page out of my older brother Creighton’s playbook and post something completely asinine on the Internet. Waking up with a giant hangover to find my humiliating personal ad has gone viral is not my finest moment.

Cue my look of shock when one of Hollywood’s hottest new bad boys, Cavanaugh Westman, comes knocking at my door and drops his pants to prove that he does indeed have a giant cock.

What he doesn’t have is an explanation for why he disappeared from my life without a word three years ago, only to show up on the big screen two years later, killing bad guys in action flicks.
And now he wants me again.
What the hell do I do now?

Greer and Cav’s story will conclude in Dirty Love, releasing 5/31/16.

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