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This novel is extraordinary- It could win the Pulitzer Prize --it's that good -
and that type of quality!!

I read a lot of books - I write a lot of reviews. I lost my first review for "The Doubter's
Almanac" during a new phone transfer.
I lost my notes and quotes.. ( I'm sad about it), but I haven't lost my memory of what's most important to share.

*Milo* is an incredible unforgettable fiction character. There are so many sides to him. He's brilliant -and deranged - arrogant and forcible -hopeless and disgraceful-
unbalanced and intense. Milo is a character you 'feel' ...( many emotions)...and 'think about' intensely ( because there is mystery about him)

The story begins when Milo is a boy living with his parents in Northern Michigan.
We get to see how Milo's mind is developing. Much later in the book - I looked back to the beginning again...wondering, who had the greatest impact on Milo. His mom Father Kids at school who were bullies His teachers Professors Drugs AlcoholWoman, Marriage, love Math Is there ever any one dominant person or thing that has the biggest impact on a person's life like Milo

His childhood was lonely. He was antisocial. Reading about how young Milo spent his free time in the woods was especially bittersweet for me to read ...
He carved an exceptional wood chain - that brought up memories for me of obsessive crazy projects I did myself as a kid. - but Milo's chain story could have been one of those moments - a dominate life experience- that would, could, and did shape his adult life.

Every step of the way ... moving into adulthood ....I remember my emotions changing.
I found myself sometimes speaking out loud to Milo telling him what to do - only to realize ..
"Ah, isn't that what everyone else was doing"

Hans, Milo's son, begins to narrate this story about half way through. The story of Milo gets rounded through his family - son- daughter -wife - addictions
and other struggles. The entire bunch have brilliant minds.
Prepare yourself for sadness --yet the wise insights are powerful. Especially about the choices we make in life.
(something I'm grappling with myself 'today')
I might need to take a lesson from this story -reevaluate and ask myself - "am I spending my days the way I sincerely want to do - or has my fun started to feel like a job"

You don't need to be a genius to get much value from reading this novel.

The title of this book is one to think about - it's as worthy of a discussion as this brilliant book. The book's cover design is fabulous- a creative fit! love it!!

Thank you to Random House Publishing, Netgalley, Ethan Canin (phenomenal author)

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