Fcked Being Sexually Explorative and Self-Confident in a World That’s Screwed

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This book is so important. I highly recommend EVERYONE read it, although there are trigger warnings for discussion of sexual abuse, rape, etc. so please be forewarned.

The two women who wrote this are a comedian duo who started a podcast a few years ago called "Guys We Fucked." It began as a an interview podcast, having one person per episode on who one of the girls had had sex with at least once. It's now grown into talking about all things sexual, from talking to a pimp, a person who has been raped, and answering emails about all sorts of crazy things in the sex realm.

This book is essentially that but in written form. It talks about self esteem and self worth, how to talk to your partner(s) about how to do it right for YOU, how to masturbate, as well as some of the darker shit like rape.

I cried. I laughed out loud. I had to hide this book while I worked but couldn't put it down long enough to leave it at home. It was amazing. Just read it.

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