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This book was released this year - in March of 2018- just 4 months ago. 196 reviews are posted on Amazon at the moment - with a solid 5 star rating across the board.
As far as nutrition books go - especially relevant to brain health - ( preventing cognitive decline and dementia- all according to the latest science), and overall sound nutrition- advice......
I've not read a more readable book- easy to grasp useful health guide book in
a long time - enjoyable too. The facts are easily presented- included is a little humor too. A few things moved and surprised me in our evolving medical world. Such as this excerpt:
"When patients and I get to know each other, I often conduct my visit while walking with the patient in New York City Central Park. The movement and constantly exchanging scenery helps the patient remember my advice and helps me remember the encounter"!
Interesting - my new young bright doctor from India - A rheumatologist, who lives in Santa Cruz, who enjoy surfing, invited me to her house. I invited her to mine as well.
Maybe we will walk the beach

Max Lugavere, describes evidence-based antidote to the brain-shrinking from the standard American diet and lifestyle. We learn the dangers of inflammation, overfeeding, nutrient deficiency, toxic exposure, chronic stress, physical stagnation, and sleep loss. We've read these things before but that's just skimming the surface of what you'll find in this book. I can't recommend it highly enough. It's a great resource book worth owning - a smart health guide to refer to. I'd recommend the Hardcopy over the Kindle.

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