Getting Married

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This book has gotten a bad rap in the reviews on here, but I really liked it. Yes, I knew who the mystery man groom to be was going to be very early on, but who cares. Krystal, I agree that watching her develop (my only beef was that she was 26 and it seemed like this development should have happened earlier in life, but that's just me being judgemental). You can see her slowly change her attitude about herself, the men in her life, how she should be treated. There's a turning point I love in a snooty restaurant where you know there's no going back.

I really enjoyed the writing, the apt description of complex emotions (like a certain type of humiliation) or thoughts that go through your head during certain sitations. Even just descriptions of day to day struggles (like getting out of bed each morning for work) was just dead on.

But I also like the change of pace (from a typical storyline) in that she falls in love before lust. It's such a common themes in the books I've been reading for a character to be all hot for a guy, but really hates him and has to learn to get over that or something. Maybe I'm just feeling old fashioned today, but I thought the development of her relationship with the mystery man (no spoilers here!) was beautiful to watch. And the way he treated her was just so realistically romantic to me (not the typical swooping you off to Paris or something, but giving you a ride, making you dinner, etc).

Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic, but I thought this was a good book.

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