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Horatius Bonar's book is wonderful. I was hooked even with the preface that talks about how some pursue religion and religious activities because they have to, but inside they have no peace. Hence the title of this book, which Bonar explains from the Scripture God's way of peace.
The first two chapters did an excellent job showing that our own efforts and works righteousness to self-justify ourselves with our own merits does not work in achieving peace from God. It was very well argued. I thought it was powerful to read Bonar's point that if we trust in our works for justification, we actually don't get any closer to assurance. Rather instead of trusting in our works, Bonar in chapter three argues that we need to trust in God's attributes, and Bonar states it so beautifully how God's attributes are amazing and lovely. For instance, God wishes and predestined sinners to come to salvation but yet does so in a way that beckons onwards towards him.
I was convicted to see Bonar's point about not making "waiting" an excuse to not be obedient and that praying about something is not the same thing as being obedient about the thing we prayed about. He was quite nuanced here, making the point that it is true we have the duties to pray but ultimately it's a question of whether we have faith when we pray or a spirit of unbelief when we pray.
I really enjoyed chapter 10 which was titled "The Want of power to believe." It was really helpful dealing with those who use the excuse of God's sovereignty not to themselves repent and trust in Christ and the Gospel. Bonar also consider the question of whether one should wait for feelings before coming to Christ. He masterfully answer that question, logically and pastorally. I like his point that some might even have more feelings than the reader does at the moment and yet these people did not repent so one should not wait for feeling or some other "preparatory work" but instead one should come to Christ right away. Bonar argues also that one should look towards Christ as the reason for coming to Him and not how much guilt you feel and He argues this in light of Zechariah 12:10 that the order is "looking at one who is pieced" and then "mourn." Overall an excellent work that makes me want to read more of Bonar!

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