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After studying up on Paleo (or whatever label you wish to use) through various books, websites, and podcasts, I'm glad to have found a "one-stop" resource that both verbally and visually explains the science in a clear, understandable way; provides guidance on special conditions and considerations; and also contains a bunch of tasty recipes that follow the guidelines (And also easily point out which recipes are good for which conditions). You can read my full review here: [...] or simply take this review (and the countless other (deservedly) raving reviews to heart. Practical Paleo is a comprehensive resource for all -

Whether you're new to paleo/primal/realfoods or have been practicing it for a long time, this book and the "guides" inside can help you...
- better understand why you're eating what you're eating
- continue to eat well while traveling or dining out
- identify what is going right and what is going wrong in your body and how to go about fixing it with nutrition
- better explain the science and rationale behind a paleo diet to your friends and family
- stick to your plan with the use of the tear-out guides in back
- identify which "general" paleo-approved foods are best for your individual condition or health goals (overcoming autoimmunity, improving athletic performance, fat loss, relieving digestive distress, and more)
- create delicious recipes that meet your nutritional needs! I only wish there were more!

Bonus: The author is so kind and accessible via Facebook, Twitter, and her Balanced Bites podcast, so if you have any questions, you'll get an answer!

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