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I was fortunate to receive a complimentary copy of this book at a local book signing by Michael, and was thrilled to crack it open and see all the wonderful, inventive and delicious recipes. Although I'm not against eating meat, I prefer to eat more plant based foods as it just makes me feel better. I've discovered that most cookbooks I come across for vegetarians are boring and routine, but the recipes in Michael's book are fresh and bright and very unique. We'll be eating some good meals in the months to come.

Michael's style of cooking mirrors my own in that it's completely up to the individual to create something they love from a set recipe. The first recipe I made from the book, the Gold Beet Tartare was delicious, simple and easy, even though I didn't have all the exact ingredients. Michael touches on this in the book, and in every recipe by making suggestions on modifications and encouraging the home cook to deviate for their tastes and for what is on hand. He offers a lot of helpful suggestions along the way, sources for ingredients and encouragement to the home cook. The book has many types of recipes too, covering a lot of varied cuisine and tastes. There is nothing boring about this vegetarian cookbook.

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