How We Learn by Stanislas Dehaene

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Written in a very captivating manner, easy to follow and understand, How We Learn discusses one of the most important abilities that dstinguishes humans form the rest of the world- our ability to learn in a conscious way. Stanislas Dehaene is a neuroscientist who has written a number of books to help the general public understand better how our brains use information in order to learn and create.
The amount of information available to us nowadays is staggering. Our ability to select and process input in order to adapt to and enhance our environment as well as using feedback as the most important learning tool are the reasons why we keep surviving and advancing our knowledge. Stanislas Dehaene looks in detail at the biological processes that happen in our brain, and discusses the issue of neuroplasticity and learning at different ages.
As we live in a very technological society, it is not surprising that our interest in the science of learning is partly driven by our desire to develop 'smarter' machines and artificial intelligence. But it is not the only reason why we should keep trying to understand our learning process better. Our life is already calling for a life-long - 360° learner able to cope with the speed with which our world is changing. This is why this thought-provoking book is so important and timely.
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