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! With This Man, book 4 of 4. Jesse Ward is back with count-downs & punitive fucks, but also a mature, vulnerable & compromising Jesse!

"Your Punishment Fuck is cancelled."
Books in This Man series should be read in order:
Book 1: This Man
Book 2: Beneath This Man
Book 3: This Man Confessed
Book 4: With This Man

This Man Trilogy is the intense, epic saga about private sex club owner Jesse Ward aka The Lord, Mr. Sexy, Bossy, Compulsive and Secretive Extraordinaire, in his relentless pursuit and seduction of interior designer, Ava O'Shea. Their story was filled with covert pasts and hidden agendas! A wild, bumpy and emotional journey loaded with intrigue, shockers, undiluted lust and mind-bending sex plus their compulsive and intense love.

It introduced us to all that is sex/fucking with Jesse:
Reminder fucks, Sleepy sex, Make friends sex, Shower fucks, Hangover sex, Catching up sex, Sense fucks, Seeing stars fucks, Apology fucks, Possessive fucks, Retribution fucks, Sleepy celebration sex, Alfresco fucks, Proposal fucks, Truth fucks, Compromise fucks, Quiet fucks, Sleepy twilight sex, Romantic fucks and Punishment fucks.

With This Man, book 4 opens up to life for Mr. and Mrs. Ward and their family. It's been over a decade since we last saw them and aside from Jesse being slightly traumatized by his impending big five-o, their life is its own kind of well-balanced and harmonious normal. Until tragedy strikes. This is the story of their long road back.

Brilliantly, sexily and humorously told in flashbacks and unfolding current events. Jesse is still over-the-top bossy, dirty-talking, possessive, needy, inflexible larger-than life with count-downs and corrective fucks. But there is also the protective father, at times, compromising husband and the vulnerable, entertaining somewhat self-reflecting and humble man

After all these years I find I'm still on "Central Jesse Cloud Nine". Eight words to describe Jesse Ward aka The Lord: Intense, bossy, compulsive, enigmatic, possessive, impatient, dirty-talker and reflective.

Eight words to describe Ava (O'Shea) Ward: Easy-going, strong, focused, stubborn, trusting, resilient, patient and meek.

With This Man, told from dual POVs, is a long-ish extended epilogue with just the perfect blend of intrigue, steam, romance, surprises, angst and suspense. Going in I had no idea what to expect given how book 3 left Jesse and Ava, but I am happy to report Ms. Malpas did a phenomenal job of evolving their story and pulling us into current events while keeping it true to the characters we love. There are count-downs & theme fucks courtesy Jesse who's his usual bossy and possessive self, but we also see the man he must become to protect his family and his love for his Ava.

Captivating! Intense! Epic. Three. Two. ONE. ZEROOO! I say 6-ish stars!

"He rolls those damn gorgeous hips into my groin, using his power over me like the weapon it is. "We need to make friends."
Hero: +
Sexual tension:
Sex scenes: 1/2
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Darkness: | LOW FOCUS |
Humor: | HIGH FOCUS |
Romance: | HIGH FOCUS |
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