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"Sometimes people run... to see if you'll come after them."

In book one, we see the girls opening themselves to the outside world.

In book two, we see the girls opening their hearts.

In this book, we see the girls opening their eyes to face danger.

Things are getting serious.

When someone tries to kidnap Macey, a fellow spy student at the Gallagher Academy, everything changes for the Gallagher girls.

The girls are growing up. They're becoming more mature and more focused. It can easily be said that this whole series is a coming-of-age story, among many other things.

It's not one of my favourite series because it's interesting. Or unique. Or well-written.

It's a favourite of mine because the characters remind me why I love reading in the first place.

They're brave, strong, intelligent but the most important part is that they make us reflect upon ourselves. Are we the people we were always meant to be

They make us believe that we, too, could make a change in this world. That saving someone isn't about having the right gadgets or impeccable timing, but about knowing them and being there for them.

These girls make me want to be a better person.

For now, all I have left to say is that, in an alternate universe, I hope I'm a Gallagher girl. It would make me proud and very, very happy.

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