Kindness Diaries

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"The next evolution step for humankind is to move from human to kind"
I was at an old bookstore, randomly picking some then saw "the kindness diaries" at the bottom of the shelf with no cover on it. At first I wasn't going to buy it if solely based on its appearance, but by the time i opened it, the quote above made me think again. And now, i feel so thankful for that second thought, for the decision i made on reading this instead of laying on bed all day long (yah!). Books never disappoint me and this one is by far a good example for that fact. It refreshes me.
what's in TKD is the genuine yet amazing and inspiring notes of a man with wacky dreams of "ignite goodwill and transform lives" worldwide (and he somehow nailed it!). This is A diary of A man, but should it be DIARIES, cause we all have a story to tell, a need to be met and kind acts to ignite, we can write our own story, it's not necessarily a travel cross continents, a gesture of goodwill will do.
And so far, I couldn't be more agreed. The world needs humanKIND to survive. Just like what we've been told: have courage and be kind, this man fulfilled both.

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