Living in Ancient Egypt

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So I was reading The Bartimaeus Trilogy and I really liked Khaba the sorcerer from Egypt. The way how he always swore in the name of Ra and that loyal Marid of his Ammet _which I found out later to be similar to the name of the devourer of wicked souls in the afterlife Ammit according to the ancient Egyptian mythology_ piqued my curiosity to venture in this world. The book served as a decent introduction since I had very little and basic knowledge. Norman mentions bits and pieces of every aspect of the life of an ancient Egyptian's lifestyles, politics, mythology, architecture, etc, with pretty art, colors, and charts filling each page.
Seeing is believing, right You can download it from Here and see for yourself.
P.S. The TED-Ed lesson "A glimpse of teenage life in ancient Rome" has the same lively atmosphere. Loved them both *_*

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