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Official complaint addressed to CC Hunter author of Young Adult series: The Mortician Daughter.


The plaintiff: Sophie owner of the blog Beware Of The Reader


Nature of complaint: broken Kindle and excessive blood pressure. Possible weight gain in the near future (once the plaintiff stops binging on ice cream). Circumstances leading to said damages: reading The Mortician Daughter.


Aggravating circumstances: CC Hunter hasn't released the sequel yet while ending the first installment on an unbearable cliffhanger.

Plaintiff recording:

"I was reading The Mortician Daughter when it happened.

I fell into CC's world right from the start.

Riley is a touching lonely teenager as she moved often due to her father's inability to keep a job these last years.

She reminded me of Kylie as she is seeing ghosts. Riley tries to help them and the plot revolves around helping Aby, recently deceased to find peace.

Of course with CC Hunter's stories there is a mystery behind the death and Riley embarks on a thrilling even dangerous adventure.

Riley has recently moved to a new town and is the new girl in school. I felt bad for her as she is lonely and is seen as a freak by the other kids due to her dad's job. Him being a mortician guarantee stupid questions from other kids and them being repulsed by her. There was this really vindictive girl Jami who made her mission to bully Riley as she felt threatened. You see Jacob, muscled, cute boy and Jami's ex boyfriends seems fascinated by Riley. It had to be expected as Riley is kind, caring, smart, gorgeous and good with cars. A teenage wet dream right

To complicate everything Riley is followed by another ghost Hayden. Really really really cute boy with dark hair and blue eye. Think maybe Luca's clone.

So I was immersed in the story, following all her drama and complicated life *what with seeing ghosts and helping them without people knowing it because she would have seemed bat [email protected] crazy*. I really rooted for Hayden even if my heart broke as I knew that a ghost could never really be a boyfriend. Riley knew this and yet...

Then everything accelerated by the end with a huge stressing and threatening event when CC Hunter dropped THAT bomb on us (something I had guessed) and LEFT US HANGING DRY!!!!!!!!

I could not believe that I would not know how it would turn out before a long time!

Before realizing what I was doing I hurled my Kindle against the wall and it exploded!

I felt dizzy and saw spots. My hubs had to call a doctor as my blood pressure was through the roof.

Hours after I still feel sooooo frustrated that I am eating my frustration away in ice cream."


Plaintiff final request:

"I do not ask for the replacement of my kindle, nor to be paid for the doctor's visit. See, I can be reasonable. But what I ask of CC Hunter is THAT DAMN SEQUEL NOW! Ooops! Too loud

As my mom told me we catch more flies with honey than vinegar I will rephrase and ask "CC would you please hurry and write the sequel at lightning speed Maybe use me as a beta reader Because it's inhuman to write such enthralling stories just to let us lost and frustrated. Please Pretty please with a cherry on top"


I will even grant you 5 stars *I planned to anyway*


I hope to hear from you soon.



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