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Because of my training in the history of Christianity, I have been privileged to be introduced to many of the mystical or devotional classics, from Julian to Tozer, from Bonaventure to Hilton, from the Jesus Prayer monk to Brother Lawrence. My knowledge is hardly encyclopedic, but I say this in order to offer a context for what will strike some as a startling judgment: The single most helpful book for me to actually pray is this one, and it's one of the very few books I have worked through more than once.

Foster is a reliable guide, not least because he has the knack of saying, just when he's drawing me out of my comfort zone, "Now, you might be feeling uncomfortable about this, so...." He speaks as a contemporary North American to a contemporary North American and draws me into prayer, including modes of prayer that are neither natural nor even initially attractive to me. I can trust him to take me to places I want to go--in a way that I frankly don't trust some of the odder guides to prayer I have encountered (yes, I mean you, Catherine of Siena, bless your extravagant heart).

Prayer is much more than what any single book can offer, of course, and I can appreciate why some will bounce off this book as too technique-oriented, too plain-spoken, too much the contemporary North American handbook.

But if, like me from time to time, you need a good contemporary North American handbook, this one gets my top vote.

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