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This is one of those books that changes you forever. One of my favorite parts is where the author is explaining how he is giving sacrificially to the ministry he is so passionate about, which is human trafficking. He gives to the point that he draws criticism from others who say, "you've given enough, shouldn't you be thinking about yourself now Shouldn't you be concerned about your future Don't you think you should have save up for an emergency" I love his answer: What part about children being kidnapped and then raped repeatedly every single day of their life is NOT an emergency Really changes your perspective. I also love how he goes into detail how important the Holy Spirit is in our lives....how do we grieve the holy spirit Why did Christ say it was better that he die so that the Holy Spirit could come Are we treating the Holy Spirit like he is even better than having Christ here in the flesh There are so many gems in this book. You simply must read it. And don't just read it, allow the truths Mr Chan exposes transform you. Cannot recommend this book enough!

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