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4.5 Stars

If you by any chance love Sandra Brown's books and decide to give this one a go, DO NOT give up on it.

The thing is, this book starts real slow. Nothing makes sense, you don't know who, what, where and why. You are one hundred percent lost.

In other words, you feel stupid. Or bored to death.

I know, I know, this is a mystery, it is supposed to be mysterious, vague and confusing. Yeah, well. Tell it to my brain. It refused to cooperate and invest itself in the story. The first 30% was a real struggle for me. And I thought to myself: This is it. I finally stumbled upon a SB book I don't like.

As luck would have it, after 30% my brain decided to wake up and the story became unputdownable.

I'm not really in a reviewing mood so here are some of my random thoughts:

Storyline Well thought, complicated, intriguing, unique. The mystery will keep you guessing all the way until the end.

Secondary characters Awesome.

Writing Exceptional. It just gets better with each book.

Heroine Strong. I didn't love her but she was likable.


Another addition to my fictional BOB club. (Baddest Of the Badasses, not Battery Operated Boyfriends LOL)

Dark. Deadly. Dangerous. Broody. Hot. Mysterious. My type.

(In case you're wondering about my type, here are a few examples of fine specimens who still refuse to leave my long-term memory: Kade Dennon from The Kathleen Turner series, Hector and Lee Nightingale from the Rock Chick series, Lee Coburn from Lethal, Diaz from Cry No More and John Medina from All the Queen's Men.)

God, this book is so hot.

Two days ago I was complaining about the lack of romance and chemistry in Chill Factor.

I take that back.

The chemistry here is smokin'. It's passionate, sultry and intense. This is a mystery and the romantic aspect is not the foundation of the story but you can feel the tension and delicious anticipation lingering on every page, even in places where it is not supposed to be.

One of the best books I've read by this author.

#1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sandra Brown jolts the reader from the first page of this heart-pounding story of corruption, treachery, and ceaseless deception . . . where nothing is what it seems and every truth brought to light exposes a darker lie.

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