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Great great book. I am well aware in martial arts and in sport the mental game is paramount. So why would it be any different in life I had read a number of elite lever athletes who swore by Professor Steve Peters' Chimp model. Which was my main inspiration in getting this book. After waiting ages and finally reading it I truly understand why.

The metaphorical Chimp in the book represents our emotional side, and the areas of brain these emotions are stored. The science is based in facts, but having it explained in this way make it much easier to understand, for non-sicentists or non-doctors, but for people how really want to fully understand the model and actual science behind it keep reading right till the acknowledgments.

The truly great thing about this book is anyone reading it will have experienced all the scenarios in the book at some point on their lives. I know I definitely did. The book even gave me some invaluable advice in dealing with current issues while I was reading it.

All I can day this is a great book, that is easy to understand, relatable, and a fountain of wisdom that can by used to understand myself better. Thus allowing my to make better decisions in life, best career, relationship, work or social and sports. I would recommend this book to everyone.

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