The 1,000,000 Bank Note

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A very short and delightful novella that plays around with the concept of perceived wealth and how it can literally change your life. Twain is great with getting into the foibles and weakness of society at the time, and in this case, not much has changed now. The story is set in London during Victorian times (of course!).

Henry Adams has just got off the boat and wonders how he is going to make ends meet in this most expensive city. But while he is foraging for food in the dustbin, his life changed in a second as he was summoned inside a house by two men. They offer him a million pound bank note as a social experiment to see if he could survive with it or not. I wonder where all these eccentric rich people are today! I wouldn't mind being offered a million pound note ... I am quite willing to be that sort of guinea pig.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. As Henry takes full advantage of his wealth and quickly claws his way up the ladder, the story gets more exciting. And of course, he gets the girl too! Very well-written and fun, my only grump is that it was too short.

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