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In this age of digital everything, it is easy to forget what a marvel Polaroid film was. To think that here was this thick, easily-marred, heavy-bordered piece of film that would, within seconds, display an image was, in its day, mind blowing.

For a select few generations, the simple, black Polaroid camera was a requisite part of high school and college life. There was one at every dorm party, at every school event, at every haunted house, at every roller rink, at every arcade. They were staples of memory boxes and scrapbooks. And they were one of the first mediums for many young artists. After all, what better way to learn about composition and light and framing than with a device that let you see the results within seconds

Polaroid became much more than just that, of course. Their high end camera backs and films were necessary tools for professionals until just a few years ago. On the other end of the spectrum were their art films and camera attachments that let people make photo transfers and slide prints and all manner of other images.

Taschen's book encompasses all of that history and exploration and art by presenting hundreds of individual photos all created with Polaroid film. The images range from experimental to candid to test shots to accidental masterpieces by artists from the full range of the photographic arts.

As with most Taschen books, it is printed in several languages, laid out with care, dedication, and full credit to artists and copyright holders. The color details are gorgeous and the tome is an excellent addition to any collection or bookshelf.


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