The Gospel according to Heretics Discovering Orthodoxy through Early Christological Conflicts

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This was an excellent book and I was very impressed by the author. Wilhite sets out to explain heretics in a fair and balanced way in so far as possible given what is left of their own voices. He does this so that as he says in the conclusion heretics can be the unpleasant midwife of orthodoxy. We can never find the bounds of orthodoxy and be forced to clearly describe what we believe until someone says something outside the lines. I find this idea second nature as a Catholic as the Church teaches that it doesn't ever teach anything new, as Protestants so often accuse, so much as find clear ways to describe apostolic beliefs. If no one questions the nature of Christ there is no reason to discuss it in exacting detail. This is what so impressed me about the author, he is a Baptist and not only does he make use of this very Catholic approach, he shows deep respect and understanding of the Early Church Fathers and the early Church Councils, but even says nice things about relics. It was refreshing to say the least. The approach itself is rewarding. I think I was at least somewhat familiar with all of the heresies covered and in every one I still learned something new. This is also all done in a spirit of openness and benefit of the doubt especially when dealing with still extant doctrines. Somehow a book about heresies, setting folks outside the norm, is one of the most inclusive friendly books I have read in a while. There is also a sense of humor and a nice balance of real technical words and lay readership. I will be looking up other works by this author.

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