the habit of winning

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"He has something that will plant seeds in your mind. Read it, follow what he has to say and those seeds will blossom into fine oaks" - Wrote Harsha Bhogle about this insightful book. There is no better way to describe it. I took interest in it with Harsha's comment & got reinforced when i saw it as the profile picture of a friend's FB account

Started glancing through the pages after a late breakfast on a sunday morning
Once i started reading, i couldn't stop. It was like spending a late morning and afternoon with an enlightened and honest Guru. This book is "No noise.. full Signal" type. Several parts of the book hit me hard on several aspects of my life i rationalized, and therefore settled for mediocrity. A refreshing read that it is, i didn't feel the heaviness of a self help book at any point.. A great milestone by Prakash Iyer. This book is one that can inspire millions to lead a better life

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