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As a card-carrying extrovert you might think I wouldn't enjoy this book so much...and you'd be wrong. Yes, it is a book with specific advice for introverts, but more importantly, it's a book written for people who interact with others and need to know how they function best, and how they affect others. Learning how I gain and drain energy, and how others gain and drain energy, has been a light bulb realization for me, and I've found myself far more effective as an entrepreneur, a collaborator, and a trainer and speaker after reading the author's insights and advice.

The two pieces I enjoyed most about this book: 1) The concept of success by association. The author says "The more you're around the people who've done the things you want to do - write a book, host successful workshops, give keynote speeches - the more normalized such activities become." Eureka! I have long struggled by listening to advice from people who don't understand what I am trying to do, or approve of it, or value it. Far more effective for me to spend time with others who do understand, and have "been there, done that." 2) The interviews with successful introvert entrepreneurs at the end of each chapter. I learn best by reading and hearing clear examples of what has worked - and hasn't worked - for others, and found each interview to be filled with accessible ideas I could begin implementing now.

Extroverts, I urge you to read this book to gain deeper insight into how you're viewed by the other half of the world. While your ideas, energy, enthusiasm and excitement seems natural, contagious, and completely normal to you, it's good to realize how differently you may be perceived by introverts who need longer to process and who value deep conversations over small talk (it never hurts to get the reminder that I may be seen as a nonstop blabbermouth). I love that the author doesn't try to change anyone's basic brain wiring, she merely urges us to educate ourselves and attempt to understand others.

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