The Modern Scholar – World of George Orwell

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Big Brother Is Watching You: The words are inextricably associated with the classic dystopian novel 1984 and with its revered author, George Orwell. The Modern Scholar series continues its exploration of great authors with this course from esteemed professor Michael Shelden. In these lectures, Orwell, who also penned the epitome of the political satire, Animal Farm, is discussed in full, from his childhood in Henley-on-Thames to his final days.


01. An English Schoolboy, 1903-1922

02. Servant of the Empire, 1922-1927

03. Among the Poor, 1927-1933

04. Young Novelist, 1933-1935

05. A Window on Wigan, 1935-1936

06 The War in Spain, 1937

07. Bearing Witness, 1937-1938

08. Coming Up for Air, 1938-1939

09. Surviving the Blitz, 1940-1941

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