The Power of Spiritual Intelligence

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The book I read to research this post was The Power Of Spiritual Intelligence by Tony Buzan which is an excellent book which I bought from kindle. Tony is a motivational speaker and the inventor of mind mapping and in contrast to much of his work this book is more motivational and inspirational than anything. He has written a series of books including this work on the different types of intelligence and developing each one. He tells the story of having become disillusioned with sunday school and christianity he became a confirmed atheist and one day a lady came round to his house to try and convert him to her religion. He invited her in and decided he was going to enjoy crushing any arguments she put forward. She offered to bring a senior member of her church the following week and and that week he argued his points persuasively. Although they failed to convert him her face as she left changed his life because he realized there was such a thing as spiritual intelligence that he needed to develop and there was more to it than simply following any one religion. She looked absolutely crushed but with out realizing it had won. There is abilities like looking at the world in a playful manner, developing a spiritual path and having a sense of humor we all need to develop. Many people who have been tortured have said they pitied their torturers and felt compassion for them. This is only a short book and suggests doing mind maps on what spiritually matters to you although there examples of this you probably need to read specific books on mind mapping to develop this skill. I thoroughly enjoyed this book which gives lots of spiritual examples although is a rather short book. I think our spiritual path we have to find for ourselves but this book will give us guidance to get us started. Tony is also in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the most creative person in the world and has written many books on things like speed reading and developing memory too. I have made it a task I set myself to try and read all his books and have certainly read most of them. I definitely recommend this book.

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