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Hard going, especially when reading it while raising a couple of high energy children. Best used as a reference book. It is dense and the language somewhat archaic, but I did gain some very useful insights into the child's cognitive development through persevering through this work. An example, the development of abstract concepts...where do dreams come from Very young children might say "my pillow" or similar external source. What are thoughts Dr Piaget traces the child's responses to this and many other concepts through stages of cognitive development from infancy to adolescence. This helped me enormously in terms of understanding what my children could handle at various stages. It was exciting when I recognised in them, thanks to this book, that they had reached another milestone of development, particularly the leap from concrete to abstract abilities around age 9-11 yrs. Many other books are based on this work and it may well be that these would be easier references for busy parents, but I found this a solid base for the challenging role of parenting.

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