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I came across Natalia's raw food diet by accident months ago, and it was not until I committed to a juicing diet that I decided to learn more about her ways. She has several books in print. First I read "The Raw Food Detox Diet", followed by "Raw Food Life Force Energy".

Her writing style is very simple, conversational and a similar style expected from any diet or nutrition books. Natalia's book takes you through the effects of a poor diet, sadly nicknamed as the American diet, and the pre-mature aging you can cause your body by the poor choices you make in every occasion. The core of her message is detoxing our bodies with a more raw food diet and as a result, clarifying our minds.

The weight loss and feeling fabulous follows naturally as a consequence of eating a more raw food diet and drinking green juices. Detoxing is a hip word these days. I first heard it from my cousin in Canada and just had to look into it. In October'07, I was on a wonderful trip in Germany and funny enough, it is exactly when I felt most helpless for not being able to control my body weight, something I had never had a problem with. During the 3 years before 2007, the infamous 15 pounds had slowly crept in. Not being able to make it vanish as swiftly as in my 20s created an emotional and psychological barrier to success in my mind.

What attracted me to Natalia was her flexibility to a practical approach. With all her strictness, she makes room for negotiables and provides many modified approaches to raw food diet approach. I wanted an eating style that was very simple, based on as much raw natural organic fresh food as possible, and yet not limited to just those foods. Natalia provides that flexibility through varying phases of adoption of her ultimate approach to eating.

Natalia takes you through her cleansing system, her reasons for juicing, and most importantly, her raw food combinations. Not eating certain things is challenging no doubt, but combining foods with new rules is an ever-present difficulty for me. The most difficult modification has been the Fruit Rules, as I call them:

Eat fruit only on an empty stomach and in the mornings.
Never combine fruits with anything else except raw vegetables.
Abstain from eating fruit after dinner or any meal.

Natalia's reasons for the Fruit Rules are simple: Fruit eaten on an empty stomach exits the body in 30min to an hour. She believes fruits eaten on a full stomach, especially after a cooked meal, will fester and the acids will do damage to your intestines, and hinder digestion for the meal and the fruit itself. I have relaxed some of my fruit rules since reading this book but I enjoyed following her rules when I could.

Among other surprises in this book is Natalia's hard-core theory on eating light-to-heavy, where dinner is your biggest meal, and if you will be having foods not on any of the cleansing programs, best to do it later in the day than earlier. She explains in detail how the food reacts and breaks down in the body and her take on what best to avoid and what best to enjoy.

Natalia's single favorite food has got to be the avocado. Avocado is delicious; even all by itself, it makes a filling and delicious snack. My relationship with it has grown tremendously since it has become a regular part of my diet, especially at breakfast. I like to mix it with some raw vegetables - carrots, celery, cucumbers - and sometimes raw nuts, pine nuts or almonds. Avocado does wonders for your internal organs and the natural fats from the vegetable are particularly beneficial to your body as a nutrient.

The book is filled with great fun creative recipes for an all raw-food diet, semi raw food diet, smoothies and juices. I have made the delicious Liquid Gold Elixir, in my blender and love the taste by itself or in my salads.

For the "Green lemonade", a recipe for one of her green juices, I have modified her recipe to add some of my ow favorite vegetables. It's heaps more fun to be creative and I suggest that when you first start juicing, keep everything in a Juicing Journal, because your taste buds are unique and you will forget the combinations you liked and those you did not, so best to write about it.

Loved loved this book and use it as reference all the years since 2007. Must read if you are thinking of going for a more raw-food based diet.

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