the rules of money

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This book is a real eye-opener and bring about a change in mindset. It was the first iconic financial book I've read and it's really mind-blowing. I wish I read it before attending university. I would have think twice or even more before opting for a career option and would have helped in not getting screwed up and lost in the darkest abyss of despair.
I feel glad to come across this book in my local library. The ideas that the author shared are excellent in reshaping people's minds and how they should think. There's one line in the book that says: 'the love of money is the root of all evil, for the same reason you say no. The evil of keeping the masses in ignorance about money is just a 'derivative' of the evil love of money.' Some more lines that act like a wake-up call: 'It's not silver, gold, or real-estate that makes you rich; it's what you know about silver, gold, or real-estate that makes you rich.'

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