The Shared Wisdom of Mothers an – Alexandra Stoddard

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THE SHARED WISDOM of MOTHERS and DAUGHTERS is the latest of more than two dozen books written by "life" philosopher Alexandra Stoddard. I've been reading Ms. Stoddard for over twenty years now and am always eager to get a glimpse into the quiet, purpose-directed world she has created for herself. Her strong focus on eternal values--the preciousness of time, the importance of personal connection, the beauty that surrounds us even in the toughest times--never fails to give me a boost. Whenever I feel my life spinning out of control, I find myself returning to these books and their central theme--BREATHE! Unlike some of the author's fans, I am not crazy about her short-form essays. I'm greedy. I want more. This book in particular, being so brief, left me a little hungry. Yet, what there is of it is beautiful. Like a bite-sized piece of dark chocolate. Or a single rose.

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