The Vampire Debt (Shadow World – Ali Winters

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THE VAMPIRE DEBT is a Beauty and the Beast meets Pride and Prejudice story that completely sucked me in until I was heady and gasping for more. I couldn't drink in the pages fast enough!

This dark, seductive tale follows a woman with an angry vendetta against vampires for killing a loved one. And a vampire with an angry score to settle after he, too, loses a loved one to a human weapon. Their grief swirls around each other in a push-pull macabre dance of justice, mercy, attraction, and revulsion. And I loved every second of it! LOVED.

The world is hauntingly familiar, but with fresh touches and nuances the author masterfully carves from the enthralled hearts of her readers. And I would happily be Alaric's vampire thrall. He is preternaturally delicious and guaranteed to make your pulse drip with moonlight. Clara is strong and fierce and refuses to be bullied or dismissed for her gender. I enjoyed every second of her tenacity.

Sink your teeth into this blood-pumping story of love, loss, and redemption. You won't be disappointed.

*eagerly waits for book two*

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