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It was a book full of proverbs, words of encouragement and wisdom, filled with so much realization on life. As you go along reading each page, you would realize that you can relate to what the author is sharing to us, that in each one of us there is a warrior of light, hiding beneath our folds of fear, doubts and loneliness. We are a Warrior of Light, whether we believe in it at first or not, because we are servants of the longingness to find our dreams, to conquer our fears and live life with pure happiness and contentment. A Warrior of Light is not perfect, and more than we could imagine, have more flaws than what eyes can perceive;but a Warrior of Light is not afraid to admit his mistakes and go through about his chosen path with the hope that he will soon find his way to his Personal Legend. He believes that no one can fulfill his destiny but he alone; and that without God, he is nothing but a mere dust on the face of the Earth.

This book is not only a book of inspirational quotations but a book reflecting our own personal endeavors and feelings; it's a mirror of our ownselves, seeing through it that we are capable and we can be strong with always in our minds and hearts the gift of faith, hope and love.

I recommend this books, not only for those who wants to read somethings new, but most especially for who feels discouraged in life, for those who thinks that his life is meaningless and filled with loneliness. Be not afraid to reflect on your life, and discover that you are more than what you think you can be. :)

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