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It's a godsend. So nice to know why I am the way I am after a lifetime of "loved ones" telling me I needed to be less shy, have more confidence (that's real doable when someone constantly criticizes your inborn characteristics), be more outgoing, worry less, am too thin-skinned, take everything personally (duh, I do take it personally when I'm being attacked), and my favorite, "You are just like your father!". I am just like my father, it's an inherited trait and he's one of my favorite people. Also nice to know why I'm irritable when I'm too hot or too cold, my bangs are in my eyes, socks are too tight, how I know right away if I will get along with someone the first time we speak, why I never answer the phone and avoid speaking on the phone, why I mistrust and question religion and authority figures, and strangely enough why Benedryl not only makes me tired but paranoid and moody. Weird. But at least now I know that I am not. So liberating!!

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