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Is it fair for me to say, we all believe in something Even if we choose to believe there is no God or any religion of any kind, isn't that alone a choice and belief Every culture has their ideals that are passed on generation to generation. This book, A History of Magic and Witchcraft identifies the differences and takes the reader through notions that may never be introduced to them otherwise. Thankfully we have books.

A History of Magic and Witchcraft gets a five star because it is absolutely deserving. An exquisite cover with rich content that is superbly written.

I borrowed my digital copy from Netgalley. This particular title is sold as Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle. I do consider this book to be an incredible reading source. This book would make a wonderful addition to any library.

A History of Magic and Witchcraft feels to me as an explanation of beliefs and where they may have originated from. How people and cultures use religion as a life force. A part of every day life and death. How Gods play a role in culture and with individuals. In their lives and how they may have developed ethics and morals from those beliefs.

To read about Gods and Goddesses, deities and the incredible religious stories many of us have been told all our lives, in this fashion is calming. The information is laid out without hesitation to be reported as history. In comparing one set of beliefs with another highlighting different concepts, cultures and views. Be it true, fiction, fable or myth is for the reader to decide. I wont sell the beauty of this book based on my own personal beliefs. I will say thisit is written so fantastically the reader will want to take in every single word. It is also one to have in a collection to be used as reference or for resource.

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