Train Your Brain For Success

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In the face of several unexpected family deaths, Amy Morin has learned to meet these challenges head on. Each of these chapters are filled with skilled insight for the reader. I found the various principles easy to "get" or understand then apply to every day life. Each chapter ends with dual sections called "What's Helpful" and "What's Not Helpful."

Some people may wonder about the negative focus of this book (things mentally strong people don't do). Morin answers this objection in the introduction saying, "Good habits are important, but it's often our bad habits that prevent us from reaching our full potential. You can have all the good habits in the world, but if you keep doing the bad habits alongside the good ones, you'll struggle to reach your goals. Think of it this way: you're only as good as your worst habits." (Page 7).

I highly recommend this book. These guiding principles can put you on the path to a changed life.

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