Trenton Lee Stewart – (The Mysterious Benedict Society 4) The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Riddle of Ages

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This is perhaps my most anticipated book of the year (although, that's partly due to the fact that most of the authors I read are, well, not churning out any more works anymore). The Mysterious Benedict Society is one of my favorite children's series ever, and right after I had finished re-reading it I found out about this book. Ever since I've been eagerly awaiting it, but I was also slightly nervous that it wouldn't be as good or even that it would ruin the series for me, based on experiences with... well, with other series.

My fears were unfounded. This book is just as good as the second and third books (not quite as good as the first, but only because it would be nigh impossible to beat that), and it is a beautiful continuation of the series while still being its own unique book. The characters are older, yet still themselves - and the themes of growing up and accepting the change that comes with that while still holding on to the memories and the friends of the past really resonated with me. It's classic Stewart, in other words. I'm sure that I will love it even more reading it for the second time.

I'm so grateful for this series, and I'm glad Stewart came back for more.

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Release Date: SEPTEMBER 24, 2019.

Amazon synopsis: "Since The Mysterious Benedict Society debuted twelve years ago, the series has become a modern classic, drawing comparisons to J.K. Rowling and Roald Dahl and selling over three million copies. Some time has passed since the inimitable quartet of Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance have had a mission together. But with the arrival of a new Society member -- and a new threat -- they must reunite to face dilemmas more dangerous than ever before, including the villainous Mr. Curtain and a telepathic enemy tracking their every move, not to mention a dramatically preteen Constance.

In its triumphant return, the Society encounters all new challenges, but the series' trademark sly humor, sweet camaraderie, hairsbreadth escapes, and mind-bending puzzles are all as engaging as ever. Fans of the series will be thrilled to see the Society has grown up a little with them, while a new generation of readers will fall in love with these irresistible adventures."


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