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I have a scale for YA books I read, since I've read so many. It looks some­thing like this.

-I hope this book dies. Right now. And takes a 100km radius with it just to be sure.

-Ter­ri­ble book

-Not my thing


-Yeah that was okay

-Hmmm. Inter­est­ing

-I was pleas­antly surprised

-Yeah I liked that

-That was a great book

-Wow I loved that book!


-I will read that book again

Allow me to lay down some per­spec­tive. At this moment I have no fewer than sixty-three ARCs sit­ting around wait­ing to be read. I have specif­i­cally enough time to scratch my head in bemuse­ment between read­ing one book, review­ing it, con­tact­ing the appro­pri­ate peo­ple and pick­ing up the next one. I do not have time to reread books. So whilst there are plenty of books that I greatly enjoy and even love, the pool for the num­ber of books I reread is cur­rently at five. Five. This book makes five books I reread.

It is not that it's a per­fect book - but that it is per­fect for me. I loved every­thing about it. Brennan's writ­ing style, humour, wit and dia­logue shines in every­thing she writes. This book is filled with atmos­phere, mood and the per­fect level of creepy. It's char­ac­ters shine through as it's strongest advan­tage. Each inde­pen­dently strong and lov­able, Bren­nan pulls out all the stops in cre­at­ing a Scooby Gang of epic proportions.

Eas­ily the biggest sell­ing point is Kami and Jared. But mostly Kami. Kami was rock­ing so hard that I had resid­ual whiplash. Strong, smart, brave - a theme with almost all the women in the novel. She was quirky enough to be cute, inde­pen­dent enough to be admirable, vul­ner­a­ble enough to be loved - strong enough to lead this novel and stand on her own. Jared with his flawed com­plex­ity and bad boy char­ac­ter­is­tics was lov­able and pitiable. I know I have a soft spot for bad boys, but it's hard not to root for him and hurt for him through­out the novel.

The pac­ing and plot were pretty much spot on per­fect, never get­ting bor­ing or eas­ing up on the good times which bal­anced with the action and suspense.

I think this book earned each and every one of those five stars. It earned them hard and I need the next one NOW.

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So I opened the book and by page five I was like:

And we met Kami and Angela and Ash and Jared and Holy and I was like:

Then I saw that there was a love triangle and for a minute I was like:

But not even two pages later I was just like:

Then the mystery revved up and I was like:

And then the intrigue and danger and relationships started to evolve and I was like:

And every time Kami said something hilarious I was like:

So basically how I feel about this book is that if I had a choice between reading the sequel and a threesome with:

Then I would probably choose Unspoken #2. Yes. I said it.

And how I feel about the fact that the next one is so far away:

This is just a temporary review. Keep an eye out for my proper review in August.

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