William Dalrymple] Nine Lives In Search of the Sacred

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When I picked up this book I thought I would be enhancing my knowledge on religion in India and what it means to (or how) these nine individuals are influenced/relate to it. I expected it to be diverse..considering its about India, but wow! was I pleasantly surprised..a very simple yet powerful book more about spirituality, truth, belief, complexity, hope, faith, principles, values, conviction and less about religion. I loved it, and would highly recommend it to anyone, even if you are not religious or don't believe in God. These stories show the struggle of the old and the new and changing face of India, the diversity from north to south and east to west and yet somewhere at the root of it all we are talking about the things that exist in our society, the belief and hopes that make our journey through life and the oddities that may be so obvious and yet we live with a screen on it. One line that struck a cord in me was "God is inside us - it is from our hearts, our minds and our hands that God is formed and revealed".

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