Withering Hope

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*****5 Dazzling Stars*****

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My heart is swelling with emotions after reading this engrossing and unique story. I wish for everyone to read this book and experience the everlasting love of a couple that had to face really extreme circumstances but their love flourished and shined brighter than the stars.

Aimee boarded her fiancé's airplane to go to Brazil and get married in a beautiful ranch in a lavish ceremony she's been planning for months. Her life hasn't been easy, after loosing her parents at a very young age, but her best friend Chris who later became her boyfriend has always been there for her to help her through life and now they are getting married. A few hours into the flight, the turbulence gets very intense and Tristan, the pilot, announces there's difficulties with the plane that are forcing him to make an emergency landing in the middle of the Amazon rainforest.

Tristan has been working for Aimee's fiancé Chris for the past two years, the handsome pilot mostly keeps to himself but is clear that he carries deep secrets that still haunt him. Tristan has always enjoyed being in Aimee's presence, she's beautiful, smart and incredibly sweet and she always manages to put a smile on his face. Now that both Tristan and Aimee are stranded in the wild, a deep bond starts to form between them, something that begins as a friendship but will turn into something especial and as vital to them as breathing.

It won't be easy facing the forest with the very scarce provisions they have, but these two become a team; their goal is to protect one another from the dangers of the rainforest, both willing to fight anything and always aiming to survive. Day after day, hope of a rescue becomes a distant thought neither of them is willing to torture themselves with. A fierce love is born, desperate and unlike anything neither Aimee or Tristan have ever known, but the guilt and fear of hurting Chris plus all the scary encounters in the wild will make it hard for their love to even have a chance. Will Aimee and Tristan survive and if they do, will their love continue once they get back into the real world and will they make it as a couple, despite the traumatic circumstances they've been through

This book was an absolute page turner, the story held me captive from beginning to end, never predictable and absolutely romantic, it was everything I hope for in a novel. I've read a few books by this author now and her writing gets better with every story and this time around she delivered a truly original storyline and delightful characters that completely brought out all my emotions, specially the beautiful epilogue that left with with tears in my eyes, amazing!!!

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*It Was Always You by Maroon 5
*Love Someone by Jason Mraz
*Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran
*Be My Forever By Christina Perry ft. Ed Sheeran

Aimee’s wedding is supposed to turn out perfect. Her dress, her fiance and the location – the idyllic holiday ranch in Brazil – are perfect.

But all Aimee’s plans come crashing down when the private jet that’s taking her from the U.S. to the ranch – where her fiance awaits her – defects mid-flight and the pilot is forced to perform an emergency landing in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

With no way to reach civilisation, being rescued is Aimee and Tristan’s – the pilot – only hope. A slim one that slowly withers away, desperation taking its place. Because death wanders in the jungle under many forms: starvation, diseases. Beasts.

As Aimee and Tristan fight to find ways to survive, they grow closer. Together they discover that facing old, inner agonies carved by painful pasts takes just as much courage, if not even more, than facing the rainforest.

Despite her devotion to her fiance, Aimee can’t hide her feelings for Tristan – the man for whom she’s slowly becoming everything. You can hide many things in the rainforest. But not lies. Or love.

Withering Hope is the story of a man who desperately needs forgiveness and the woman who brings him hope. It is a story in which hope births wings and blooms into a love that is as beautiful and intense as it is forbidden.

Withering Hope

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