Workin’ Our Way Home The Incredible True Story of a Homeless Ex-Con and a Grieving Millionaire Thrown Together to Save

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Truly, a very touching story and an excellent guide to the power of prayer.
Mr. Hall had become a success in his own right but didn't realize something was missing in his life, GOD!. He had more money then he could spend; traveled the world; hobnobbed with the elite social circles of Dallas, Fort Worth and New York. While his wife Deborah enjoyed the money he earned, she kept herself on the ground and did everything she could to keep her husband on the same path. Even though Ron strayed from he once, she forgave him and actually called the woman he was having the affair with.
His wife's faith led him on a journey he could have never imagined; making friends with one of the meanest homeless people on the street-Denver Moore.
Denver grew up in Red River Parish Louisiana as a dirt poor, uneducated sharecropper. When he realized the "man" wasn't going to let him ever pay off his debts and get ahead, he hopped the train and wound up in Fort Worth, living on the streets. He learned the art of living on his own and only worry about himself. It was a matter of survival since he had no usable skills in the big city, or did he
Deborah wanted to do more for the community and decided it was time for her and Ron to travel down to the Union Gospel Mission and share her faith with those less fortunate. Ron was okay with the idea but not enamored with the idea of hanging around a bunch of dirty, grubby, lice infested people. But, his wife wanted to do it and he agreed to go thinking he would only have to ladle out food a couple of times a month, at the most. His perception would start to change when he meets Denver Moore.
It's true, that over time Denver and Ron become like brothers, but it was Deborah who is the star of this story because her star Jesus Christ. I'm convinced her faith could have moved mountains, but she used it to move people and have them unlock and tap into their savior and understand the power of prayer. Denver had the faith but kept it hidden. Ron was a Sunday go to meeting man until he realized he was only showing up to been seen and not counted.
I cannot say enough about her faith, even when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Through all the treatments, set-backs, victories and pain, her faith neve wavered and Ron and Denver's became stronger through her.
That my friends, it what the story is about and I highly recommend it!
Five Stars

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