World History (Eyewitness Companions) by Philip Parker

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"World History" is a fascinating book. It tries to give an overview of human history from prehistoric times right up to the present day - and it succeeds admirably. Admittedly it doesnt go into much detail, but it does provide a framework from which to investigate certain historical events more thoroughly. The book is well illustrated with colour pictures and clear headings. Everything is explored in chronological order and as the book's title implies, the history of the world is covered , not just European history , so we can understand that civilisations developed throughout the world at the same time. India,China and the Americas all had agricultural economies and civilisation long before the Bible , for instance,was written, casting doubt on the Middle East somehow being the cradle of civilisation. Many Eurocentric texts would ignore what was happening in these areas, but not this one. This book is a good reference work if you are wanting to understand the chronology of world history and how humanity has developed over the millennia. I would recommend it to any student of history or to anyone wanting to increase their general knowledge.

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