Your First Novel A Top Agent and a Published Author Show You How to Write Your Book.

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As a reference book, this book excels in overall presentation. It is separated into two sections, the first educating potential authors how to write, and the second dealing with what to do with your finished project. After reading the book, chapters within each section help authors return to specifics without having to scan for whatever info is needed.

I was disappointed with the specific character examples provided by Laura Whitcomb (author of the writing section). It was as if the author expected that I have read the same books she has enjoyed. For instance, when listing examples of great heroes and great villains, I only knew one of the five heroes. It is hard to fully understand what the author is saying, especially on an emotional level. While it could be argued that I could expand my horizons and read the books mentioned, that still will not help me with the here and now. It could take me years to catch up on the book's "required" reading.

Ms. Whitcomb, however, excelled with her technique presentations. Contrasting poor writing with better or great writing was accomplished by using examples taken from the books of published authors. Not only does this help budding authors by providing written examples, but it encourages them to embrace the necessary rewriting of your work in order to craft something special. Ms. Whitcomb also presents many writing exercises that readers could easily apply to whatever projects they are working on. I can't see how anyone could walk away from this section without fistfuls of great ideas.

Ann Rittenberg's "Publishing Your Novel" section was also exceptional. No matter whether an author wishes to seek out an agent, go directly to the publishing houses, or choose to self-publish, Ms. Rittenberg presents all methods as positive while explaining the pitfalls that might be encountered.

This updated and expanded edition of "Your First Novel" lives up to its promises of showing you how to write and get your work published. Five Stars.

My thanks to the authors, F+W Media, and NetGalley for a complimentary copy of this book.

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